Analytic-Focused Environment

The agility and structures required for data science activities are vastly different from those of the traditional warehouse environment. For the data warehouse, changes can be implemented in 3-4 months as a standard practice. For data science activities, however, users need to be able to add data and make changes in less than a day.

Sentier’s data engineers have spent decades building analytic focused repositories from acquiring and securing the data to building analytic and report ready structures for direct feeds into models and dashboards. We also have deep experience in data operations focused on maintaining and updating repositories as required.

As part of our other services, we embed data setup and operations, and we can provide our expertise as a stand alone service either in our hosted analytic environment or on the client’s infrastructure.

Secure and Scalable

There are two major hurdles to any analytic effort. The first is acquiring the data which we described in our approach to delivering Channel Mix Modeling and Optimization services. The second is having a place to perform the data integration and analytic activities. Self-directed cloud efforts, while seemingly easy on the vendor’s website, actually take a high degree of technical and compliance knowledge to setup and secure. It is not uncommon for us to fill out 300+ question compliance and security documents to assure we conform to internal policies and external regulations.

Embedded in our other services is a fully secure and scalable data science oriented analytic environment including a data repository, RStudio, and additional servers as needed for applications. We can provide the same environment to clients as a stand alone service. These environments can be contracted for as little as 3 months and are a great way to start exploring and piloting advanced analytic initiatives.

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