data science

The Problem:

Patient persistence analysis took two weeks for each brand at a top 25 global pharmaceutical firm and the necessary claims data was difficult to load and maintain.  The Commercial analytic organization wanted to verify the current analyses as well as explore alternate methods for generating persistence analytics as well as creating a repository for patient level data to be used for other inquiries.

The IT group was overloaded with backlogged data warehouse efforts and resources were not available for the project.  In addition, in-house staff was not familiar with new technologies and approaches to creating patient level analytic data structures and analytics.

With the required security, capacity, and processing power, Sentier experts set up an Amazon EMR environment in one month to load and organize the billion+ claims data records and developed the processing for persistence analysis across all of history.  The persistence analytic ran in 20 minutes in the new environment.

The initial pilot developed by Sentier experts has since morphed into the Real World informatics Data Hub, containing over 1,500 tables from over 200 patient level and other sources and is used by over 300 analysts world-wide. Sentier experts played a large role in developing and standardizing the Hub over the last 4 years.