The Problem

Senior sales and marketing leadership at a top 25 global pharmaceutical firm did not trust the Marketing Mix analyses generated by incumbent firms. The results were highly subjective, scope was limited, the approach was black boxed, and the analyses could only be conducted once a year.

To create a repeatable platform across all Gen Med brands that could be executed quarterly and that continuously builds up marketing data assets to be used for other analytics.  In addition, use an approach that creates a highly transparent data and modeling trail and most importantly leads to more accurate results in a rapidly changing tactic landscape.

Sentier developed a marketing data hub and self-service marketing mix application in 5 months that meets the needs of the analysts as well as sales and marketing leadership. Data acquisition and preparation has been standardized with all stages of the data available for marketing mix modeling as well as other analytic purposes. Everyone understands the data development and modeling processes to the extent that they need to and there is a much higher level of confidence in the results and recommendations presented.

While the initial data and modeling efforts were focused on tactic level impact and optimization, the analytics group is now gearing up to make recommendations on tactic specific drivers and optimal execution patterns. This is where the company believes the real value in the platform lies.