Are you buying technology and consulting, or the ability to answer your questions?

At Sentier Informatics our mission is clear: To provide clients with the ability to rapidly own and generate data driven insights with complete transparency across a spectrum of analytic skills and business information needs.

Marketing Analytics

Sales and marketing analytics

Data Science On Demand

Ad hoc analytics

Data Engineering

Environment setup and security


Working with us means getting to answers and actionable insights faster, with the needed security and confidence in results.

Sentier serves business leaders and analysts through managed service offerings aligned with high value sales and marketing analytics applications. Sentier leverages a library of advanced data models, analytics, and visualizations that are easily customized, deployed rapidly (in 3 months or less), and can be run with the frequency the business requires. We manage the time consuming work associated with analytics (model generation and testing, dashboard development, data acquisition and integration, security, monitoring, performance tuning, etc.) so our clients can focus on asking, and more importantly answering, commercial business questions.


Our services are fully secured and built from the ground up to comply with privacy and security regulations including the GDPR.

The average setup time is 2-3 months, the bulk of which is focused on initial data definition and acquisition activities.

Underlying data and analytics can be refreshed and enhanced as often as needed, making Sentier’s platform partners the best in their respective field and able to generate insights 3 to 5 times faster (and at a lower cost) than traditional approaches.

Our team is made up of hard-to-find senior data scientists and data engineers with deep commercial life sciences experience who are staffed directly on the setup and operational phases of our service deployments.

Our clients do not have to manage multiple procurement efforts since partner platforms are bundled into the service. The result is one seamless partnership with Sentier and one line of communication.

Sentier does not “black box” the path to the answer or hold your data hostage. All data and analytics used to generate insights are accessible by our clients and many choose to run additional analytics of their own in the environment.

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